Pet Tips for When You’re Apartment Hunting

University Park Dog Park

Finding a good, welcoming apartment is essential when you have a furry roommate! When searching for the best place to live, you’ll want to be sure your home caters to both your needs and your pet’s. 

Whether it’s exploring the surrounding area or choosing which floor to live on, take both you and your pet into consideration!


The breed of your pet is important when looking for a home since different breeds require different types and amounts of care. Some pets may fit better to a certain environment than others would. Some complexes may also have breed restrictions, so be sure to do your research and ask around before committing to a place just in case your pet is on that list. 

Some pets prefer to lounge around like cats or some breeds of dogs. Other breeds love getting plenty of exercise and would thrive in an environment with trails surrounding the area or even a pet park! Do some research on your specific breed to see what they need to live their best life.


Speaking of exercise, when looking at an apartment, look for one that has space for you to walk your pets. Look for things like large grassy areas, trails nearby, and maybe even a complex with a pet park! Try to keep them occupied with a few high-intensity activities per week. 

Remember to keep them on a schedule! That way they can expect when they’ll be taken out and know when it’s playtime. Grab some breed appropriate toys from local pet stores like Pet Supplies Plus or PetSmart!


When searching for a place for you and your pet, aim for the first floor. Especially if you have a puppy, they’ll need frequent trips to the bathroom. You may also want to consider looking for places that have a dog or pet park. Here at University Park, we have two fully equipped dog parks so your best friend can safely run around obstacles with peers their own size!

Heading out for a night with your friends? Bring them along too! There are plenty of pet friendly bars around Knoxville like Brickyard Brewery and Cool Beans. Or if you enjoy doing other activities or have other hobbies, search places around your area that allow you to bring your pets!


Most places require a pet fee in order to have them in your apartment. When asking around, be sure to take any fees and extra rent into account. 

With all pets, accidents are bound to happen, especially if you get a puppy! It’s a smart move to save a little extra for any damages that you may need to cover after moving out. 

By: Lalita Tinari, Leasing Consultant